Show Character Producer
As The World Turns Maggie Crawford CBS Television
Criminal attorney Maggie Crawford, law partner of Tom Hughes (Justin Deas), represented Dr. John Dixon(Larry Brygman) had romances with Steve Andropulous (Frank Runyeon) , “Cal” (Luke Reilly) and married Frank Andropolous (Jacques Perrault). She was sister to Lyla Montgomery (Anne Sward Hansen) and aunt of Margo Montgomery (Margaret Colin)

Regional Theatre
Show Character Company  
Midsummer Night's Dream Titania Waterbury Symphony

Show Character Company  
Dance With The Wind Jenny Miniature Theatre of Chester

Other - Founder and Owner of Businesses
You're A Doll!

A doll business in which a patented process was used to put people’s faces on soft bodied dolls which were internally  wired to be bendable and poseable. Over 150 wig styles and 50 different costumes were readily available. Custom outfits were also provided. Most popular were the custom wedding dresses. The patented process was developed and implemented by Ms Mary Linda Rapelye. The business had outlets in over 35 stores in malls across the country and operated for over 5 years.

Flowers By Flint

A full service floral and landscaping business owned and operated by Ms Rapelye in the Waterbury Connecticut area. The business specialized in large events, dinners and weddings. 

Rapelye Cosmetics

This business was founded by Mary Linda when she was playing Maggie Crawford on the soap opera  "As the World Turns". The principal product was "STAR COLOR LIPS", a sleek black pillow style compact containing a palette of 21 different shades of lipstick, an application brush  and a mirror. Ms. Rapelye designed the signature compact for her own personal use on the TV show and for traveling to various appearances.  The multiple selections of colors always provided the right color for every outfit. STAR COLOR  LIPS was marketed on TEL SHOP, the telemarketing channel of FNN.

Community Service
Connecticut Mattatuck Museum Women’s Committee, Waterbury Foundation, Middlebury Garden Club  
Missouri Junior League